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Started by fourdrracer, January 17, 2023, 08:46:06 AM

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Hi.  I'm new to this group.  I'm looking to buy some pop out windows for a '97 Rover Mini.  Mine came without them.  I'm not sure which ones fit except that I know that the Mark 1s don't. 



Welcome Lee.....

Have you looked at the many Mini parts seller's pages on Facebook?

Both Ebay and Ebay UK will be another good source for parts like this.
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Thanks for the reply Dave. Yes, I'm on a couple of FB groups but there may be some groups that I'm not aware of. 

 Well, I have no problem on 'our' Ebay, but I'm not sure I'm wording my search correctly on the UK Ebay.  I'm sure not getting many results, and if I remember correctly, I cannot enter "Rover Mini" on their site and get any results at all.  Only Austin Mini which would be earlier series than my '97.  I must be doing something wrong because I had been told that there are TONS of Classic Mini parts on that site!



Those pop out windows are kind of hard to find unfortunately, but keep looking!  I have a set, but because they're hard to source I'm not selling them! 



I generally try not to buy stuff from here for all the obvious reasons, but it looks like they have 1 at least.



I think I may have a spare set of the larger, Mark III and later, pop out rear quarter windows.  I will look for them and let you know later today or tomorrow.


I have a set of later pop out rear quarter windows. They are not perfect but would clean/polish up pretty well.

$200 plus shipping for the pair.


Thank you anyway TSA.  When I saw this I had already begun purchasing some (even though they have the green tint ,which I didn't want)


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