Jet Motors turbo kit

Started by BruceK, December 10, 2022, 07:11:06 PM

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So I assume the pictures shown on that side mount are the external recirculating waste gate version?

The garrett 20-300 is internally waste gated correct? So you would order that side mount manifold accordingly? They don't give a lot of info really, but I'm sure they would provide more if a guy reached out to them.


Yeah they have an external wastegate pictured. If you wanted to control the turbo more precisely rather than 6psi, 13psi, 22psi settings, you'd want the actuator removed and that external wastegate installed. My rx7 for example is external wastegate, but also on the size I'm running that's the only option. I don't even plumb it back into the exhaust. It's just dumped overboard and loud as hell when boost comes on.


Thanks, that is what I figured they were showing but when a guy is looking at potentially spending several grand on something you just want to be sure LOL.

I have some experience with turbo's but nearly all of it on diesel trucks so I know just enough to be dangerous I suppose. I have always wanted to play around with one on a car, but sold my WRX before I ever had the chance to play with it any.


Turbos, mmm.


What do all the little ports around the inlet do?
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Probably something to do with smoothing out air flow but I really don't know for sure.


Like I said, I know just enough to be dangerous......the holes are for what they call anti-surge, but that's really not possible so it's more accurately less-surge. It's basically a leak from the outlet side to the inlet side of the turbo housing. The leak increases the flow rate, with the obvious downside being less CFM at any given RPM.


Quote from: 94touring on December 19, 2022, 11:57:20 AMTurbos, mmm.

The Mazda rotary engine has always intrigued me, being a motorcycle guy the screaming high RPM potential has always been a draw. I have never owned one, driven one, or even seen one in person but man oh man does a high revving engine sound so good!


Jetmotors never replied. Nor did fusionfab. 

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