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Started by MiniDave, December 04, 2022, 02:46:01 PM

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It was awesome, but F1 still has its perennial issue that overtaking is just impossible.  It seems ridiculous that you need a 2 second per lap advantage to overtake.

Carlos tactic of giving Lando DRS was awesome and really showed how much capacity the drivers have to think whilst driving the car. 

See if it is back to regular scheduled programming in Japan with Red Bull at the front.


Yep, Singapore has proven to be an aberration, just as we all thought.....Max on pole by a significant amount, most everyone else bunched up tightly behind him, the two Big Macs the best of the rest and if they get the strategy just right, might be able to pull off an upset?

They're suggesting that this could be as much as a 3 stop race due to the aggressive race surface and high tire wear.....so that could give rise to mistakes or under/over cuts.

Or Red Bull (at least Max, since Checo was .7 sec/lap slower in qually) will drive off into the distance and they'll win the constructor's this weekend.

Is this LeClerc's weekend to run in front and Sainz to run support and interference?

Too bad about little Liam Lawson losing his ride later this year in favor of DannyRickyBobby, but it was to be expected I guess. With Honda paying his way, I always expected Yuki to get another season or two, and it's nice to see he pulled up into Q3 in response, now if he can avoid a 1st lap incident and finish ahead of Lawson, their support will look somewhat justified.

All in all, the end of the season is looking better at least for competition, despite the Hamster's doom and gloom prognostications, there they are in 7th and 8th and poised to jump up if someone (Ferrari) messes up.

Rumors getting stronger that Mick the Younger will be taking the Sarge's ride away next season. Although Vowles still gives him strong verbal support, I have a feeling Mercedes is pushing buttons offstage.

I know in every race someone has to be last, and it's been encouraging seeing the occasional Williams, Alpha Tauri or even HAAS in the top 10, it would be nice if the order got shook up more often. Maybe Bernies idea of putting the sprinklers on wasn't so crazy after all?   :cheesy:

(yes, it was!)
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Honda wins in Hondaland!

Max did exactly as he has all season and simply drove off into the sunset, but the real story to me is the resurgence of McLaren who finished 2nd and 3rd.....although they were 19 seconds back, so they still have some work to do to catch the Red Bulls.

Checo had a miserable day, getting banged around and doing plenty of banging back (replacing 2 front wings!) till the car had to be retired. One interesting note, they repaired Checo's car just enough that he could go back on track for one lap......he had a 5 sec penalty and by doing that lap he's served the penalty and it won't carry over into the next race!

McLaren's improved performance means they could overtake Aston in the championship, especially since Stroll hasn't posted any points in many races, and doesn't look like he will the rest of the year based on his current performance. Aston certainly has fallen off from their strong start at the beginning of the season.

Ferrari also has a shot of passing Mercedes in the championship too, based on both cars finishing every race ahead of the Mercs, but it's going to be close with only 4 (5?) races left. Something I wouldn't have expected earlier in the season when they surged so far ahead....

Logan Sargeant didn't do anything to help further his career, retiring yet again, although his teammate did as well.

Lots of rumors that Norris will wind up driving a Red Bull at some point, and everyone thinks he will be able to give Max a real run for the money. Won't happen till the 25 season as Checo has a contract for next year - tho we all know just how much F1 contracts mean.....
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