Site loading slower than normal?

Started by MPlayle, November 10, 2022, 07:46:48 AM

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Takes 20-40 seconds EACH TIME I click on a button. Whether that's just initially to the site, clicking on a post, replying,. etc.

VERY VERY slooooooooooooooooow

(I am faster even before my morning coffee-LOL!!!)

Mike in NB

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Yeah, it's still around 22 seconds for that first file.  I disabled the cache on my browser and it's still just the response on the first file that's slow, everything else is fast.


I'm digging through this trying to narrow it down, although I still don't understand why I don't have any issues.


I think it must be GoDaddy filtering or scanning of some kind.
I just got this message after 20 seconds or so. I just closed the browser and tried again, but before i logged in I noticed I was listed as logged in on the main page in whois online


No change is speeds - still very slow even in the fully stripped down mode.

I did notice the "fully stripped down" mode does not always keep me logged in when going from one page to another.


Hope you find this helpful.  I spent some time digging into the previous link I provided that tested the webpage.

In rows 4-12, these are processes that stop the page rendering and are causing the initial 22647ms delay (in row 3).  All of these are .css and .js components that may have some form of external interface, all these are taking between 22 and 24 seconds to process. Which means the first byte delivery is very long, once the first byte is received the time is back to normal.

This could be web server performance or could be an external link that is slowing things down.  Are you seeing issue with performance on the server side?

Will try and do some more digging into the logs over the weekend.


Yeah it's the index.php file.  Not having much luck figuring out what the cause is yet.


Really slow.

Get this message and it stalls.
The connection to is not secure
You are seeing this warning because this site does not support HTTPS. Learn more


I wouldn't call it fast, but it's way better than it was.....still seems like there's a delay before it processes the page request,, but then it loads instantly
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I cleared my cashe and cookies and now it runs piss poor slow for me. 


Well now it's back to instant fast. 


Please try this and tell me how quickly it loads.

The website speed test says 11 seconds but it loads instantly for me. 


MUCH better!!

Whatever you did this last effort is a vast improvement. 

I used my regular bookmark to the forum and everything seems to be loading nicely: about 8 seconds for normal page transfers, and about 15 seconds for a login verification.  That is a great improvement over the 22-25 seconds for normal page transfers and 65 seconds for a login verification I had been experiencing.


Well don't hold  your breath lol.  I was on the phone with Godaddy and it's not the server, it is indeed the forum software/whatever jumbled up crap I have on the server.   They ran some stuff and looks like knocked out my redirect from restorationmini to the forum.  So I'm fumbling around trying to set that back up.  This version of the forum is the last one there is and the latest forum software requires some full install that I'm not willing to do right now.  Not that it would make anything better speed wise anyways.


I get 8-9 seconds response time. I had to turn off "Secure sites only" though.
Your secure test forum (HTTPS) did the same 8-9 seconds.



It's been about 25-40 seconds here the last few days and now it's 10-15seconds on most clicks.


Keep at 'r

Mike in NB

30 minutes in a Mini is more therapeutic than 3 sessions at the shrink.


Alright who wants to take over this project that knows what they're doing?  I can give you all the login credentials and you can take it from there.  This is as fast as I know how to make it. 

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