Pipe expander

Started by 94touring, October 25, 2022, 05:56:16 PM

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Have some custom exhaust I'm working on and wanted to slip exhaust pipes together for a clean fit that if nothing else is easy to weld.  So ordered some cheapo pipe expander kit on flebay.  It worked 1 time and broke.  So today at the harbor freight grabbed another one which looked to be actual steel and not some cast crap. It even came with instructions saying to grease it up before using, maybe that's why the first one broke so easily.  Anyways tried it out and worked pretty good. You can only go up about one size really but that's all I need. 


I have broken 2 Harbor freight versions of that tool, but it was within the return period both times so I got it swapped out for a new one each time.

It was also the old version, I think I remember seeing another one there awhile back that looked better made.

Either way it worked well enough to get the job done for a heck of a lot cheaper than any other option. It's not like I run a muffler shop or anything.