Phone usb boroscope

Started by 94touring, October 13, 2022, 08:29:28 AM

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Bought one of these little guys off Amazon for 20 bucks to tinker around with.  My thoughts were it might come in handy occasionally when I drop the odd bolt somewhere in the engine bay never to be found again.  Even has a little magnetic clip attachment for snagging things.  I played around with it inside one of these exhaust I bought to see how well it works and to see if the online illustrations match the product. 


The images look super clear.  I bought one of those about four years ago when I was renovating a bathroom. I just could not figure out how the water pipes were positioned behind the tile wall in a shower area and I did not want to tear the wall out to see. So just a small hole and with the light on the tip of the camera I was able to see what I needed.
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