12x5 (4) imitation minilites (Colorado)

Started by DarkHelmet, October 08, 2022, 09:56:16 AM

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got a set of 12x5 most likely minispares version of minilites. All straight, overall good shape but new center caps and sending them out for refinishing would make them new again (two wheels have some curb rash). comes with Falken rubber; however, the tires are probably 15 years old and two of them have safe tread....the other two suffered from a very bad alignment (Lawful Evil, i think) so if you are looking for a wheelset, on a project budget, let's talk. make an offer. if anything, they would be great for rolling the projects around. Selling because I just procured a whole set of 10" rosepetals.

located in Longmont, CO.
1978 mini1000, A+ 998 engine.