High quality H4 headlights - cheap from Toyota

Started by BruceK, June 30, 2022, 07:04:27 PM

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Toyota is offering very inexpensive, high-quality 7 inch H4 headlights, complete with bulbs, wiring harness and relay.  It's a replacement kit for the old Land Cruiser, but of course a pair of these will fit our Minis and any other vehicle that uses a pair of round 7 inch headlamps.

The harness is not really needed unless you go with a higher wattage bulb than the 55/60 H4 bulb the kit comes with.  But of course with the old wiring harnesses in our Minis it would not hurt at all to use the supplied harness.

The great part is you can order this Made-in-Japan kit online, or just go down to your local Toyota dealer and get this part:  # 81110-60P70

This is fully an E-code headlight by Koito, the OEM light supplier to Toyota, with the correct EU headlight cutoff pattern.

The dealer below is selling for $42.23 for the whole kit.  Might even be cheaper at other dealers.


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That's a really good deal.  I'll have to see what the pricing is like here in Canada for the same.  Likely double the price up here.  🤷‍♂️


i just did jeep led lights for my cars, get them off of amazon for pretty cheap
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