Factory A/C system wanted

Started by MPlayle, June 05, 2022, 10:42:28 AM

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I am considering the possibility of adding A/C to my 1983 Mini "Window" Van.  As such, I am putting feelers out for a factory A/C system.  Mainly the engine bay components - especially the alternator and condensor mounting brackets and compressor coil/fan unit.

I am local to Vintage Air, so can talk to them for an under-dash unit that will do double duty as the heater and A/C unit.

Let me know what you may have or find and we'll talk.


I would check with "Classic minis Japan". They carry a few new ac parts. Ask them if they can source the brackets in Japan for you.


It seems like I see these A/C units from a Jap spec car posted on FaceBook all the time....
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I have some AC parts if not a full system Michael, I can dig the parts out of storage if you are interested.


Hi Malcolm,

Do you remember if your parts include the mounting brackets for the compressor and relocated alternator? 

I seem to recall there are three or four pieces invloved:
- top mount for the alternator
- adjusting plate for bottom of alternator to top front of compressor
- main mount for compressor to block
- possible adjusting mount for compressor?

Jimini II

I see am pretty sure I have those parts Michael.
I will try to get to them this week and do an inventory of the parts I have.


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