First post, NorCal Newbie w/ lifetime MK I Morris Cooper project...

Started by Mitchc, June 03, 2022, 08:16:27 PM

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Hi folks, I'm real new around here but trying to make some real headway on my 998 Cooper Project that I started long time ago. Interrupted by life's event's like Career, kids, houses and bills etc., I'm still trying to get it really moving.
Since this is classifieds, I might as well start it out here with a need for my rear Subframe which disappeared in a move some years ago. So - Wanted - MK 1 rear (Dry) Subframe!  I seem to have everything else including Radius arms, back plates hubs and brakes. I'm also looking for a MK 2 steering rack to match up with a set of steering arms I got way back when I acquired a set of S hubs & brakes.

Looking forward to chatting with you all, lots of decisions to make Re: my "restomod" Spec List before sourcing more parts!


Auburn CA


Welcome, Mitch!

Post up some pics of your project when you get a chance?
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Hi Mitch!

Welcome from me as well.  I don't have any leads on the subframe you need, but I look forward to reading more posts about your project.


Thanx to you both, I've lots to ask and learn about. I have been around these cars since a Kid!
I'm looking for some traction to finally push this project thru this time. 


Depending on what all you need for parts for this build, you'll probably want to go here and start adding things to your basket.  Buy overseas rather than stateside to save money.


I did not think there is that much difference between a MkI and later dry rear subframes. Maybe a few extra tabs added for stuff. Later ones may not have the extra metal around where the hydro valves would mount on the rear of the subframe. So any dry rear subframe should work just fine for your project. If you buy new do not get sftermarket one, pay the extra for a Heritage one.


Thanks Boss man, I have always been nervous at the thought of ordering from the UK, due to exchange rates and the cost of shipping - figuring the shipp'g cost savings would be cancelled out by the cost of the boat ride...
However I have started to branch out more recently to find parts for an old Ducati I ride, recently got some small cockpit fairing pieces from eBay - Spain, and am about to pull the trigger on an OEM Mirror (eBay Canada) that shattered the other day after a garage tipover!
So what do you think about when making the choice between local suppliers and going across the pond? And I'm within 10 minutes of
7 Enterprises and about 30 min of the "big box" Mania store...
And Willie, I am by no means stuck on going completely original since my 998 Cooper was originally a hydro car and I've since re-bodied it after the amount of rust became too much. I figured I would stay with a MK 1 or 2 vintage sub mostly since I don't know at which version the differences might have become too difficult or impractical. I'll keep an eye out for just about anything, especially now that inflation has driven the cost sky high I recall checking with 7 several months ago and new was over $500 and I recently was on the big box stores web site and a heritage version was almost a grand! Why I/m a fan of used components in most cases...



I honestly wouldn't be surprised if it's still cheaper to order from the UK than to drive 10-30 minutes to 7 or Mania.  Shipping has gotten pricey lately so I'd be curious what you find. 


Being within 10 minutes of 7Ent is a big help in eliminating extra shipping charges.

When I shop for parts, the things I consider are:
- how quickly I need it
- who has it in stock
- the basic cost of the part(s): I use to do the currency conversion and compare prices primarily between 7Ent, Mini Sport, and Mini spares with Moss Motors occasionally thrown in the list.
- Mini Mania as a "last resort"
(I am in San Antonio, Texas, so always have some form of shipping costs.)

Some smaller items in a small order can be more cost effective sourcing "locally".  Usually, the bigger items and larger orders are more cost effective to order from the UK.


If you are on Facebook, look for the MOASF friends page and post there. There may be someone that has one at a more reasonable price.
Some other people that may have something, Nick at Boot2Bonnet(Woodland)and Jon Becker at Minipart(Martinez)


Thanks TMS-
Good Idea for me to try contacting MOASF, and I have Nicks Phone number to try him for an outside chance he has or knows of somebody with a subframe.
I guess I'll just park my inhibitions and try to include Mini Spares to get some actual quotes to make the clear comparison for some of my coming orders going forward.

Thanks to all of you for the help!



By chance I talked to Jon Becker and he does not have one.


Hi Mitch, Is your car RHD or LHD?  I might be able to help with a steering rack.


Welcome!   As regards where to source parts, I can't speak for subframes, but when I needed a new windshield about 5 years ago, the cost to buy one from MiniSpares and then pay for shipping from the UK was about 1/3 to 1/4 the cost to get one from MiniMania here in the US.   I avoid using MM and 7 unless I need a little part like a brake light switch - because it's not worthwhile to get little things from the UK but for a larger order of say a hundred dollars or larger it's usually definitely worthwhile to source from the UK.
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