Pre-verto slave question

Started by Willie_B, January 20, 2022, 02:25:09 PM

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Still working on clutch issues on the Woody revival. I got a new original Lockheed version. Installed it but left it loose so I can point the bleed opening up for easier bleeding. When I added system pressure the guts blew out along with brake fluid everywhere. There was NO circlip holding it together. Could anyone confirm if there should be a clip? The aftermarket version I know does have the clip.

It came from Minispares. I have contacted them but it already late for them.


No circlip - I only remember a circlip on the master cylinder.

None of the ones I have have a circlip, and I have accidentally stepped on a clutch pedal before and blown one apart.

I never have had any issue bleeding a clutch - they're kinda self bleeding. But all I do is stick a hose on it, put the hose end in about 1" of clean fluid and push the pedal down about three times - slowly, not stomp on it. Then close the bleeder and it's usually good to go
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I believe they did have circlips years ago but the new aftermarket ones don't seem to use them.