Austin Countryman wood trim, wax or ?

Started by Willie_B, January 19, 2022, 06:15:38 PM

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Just wondering what to put on the wood trim. The finish on there now is almost new as it has been stored indoors for almost 10 years since the wood was put on. Wax it like the rest of the car or what?


As I understand it, the finish is generally either marine varnish (which what was traditionally used) or Polyurethane (the latest type of wood finish).   Some people like the marine varnish because of the warm glow and traditional look.  The downside is it requires more maintenance, which is why other people go with the polyurethane.  Not sure if wax is applied to either one. 

Maybe find a "woodies" (meaning the traditional American wood station wagons) site and see what kind of care other owners recommend?
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