A+ Connecting Rod

Started by David Mensh, December 07, 2021, 06:41:30 PM

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David Mensh

Looking for a single A+ connecting rod that weigh's in at around 644 grams.  I have (3) that I have balanced to that 644 grams (+or- .01g) and one that is 617 grams.  Don't want to take too much material off the other (3) so am looking for one at or slightly above the 644 grams.  The lighter rod has been magnifluxed and cleaned and can be part of the transaction (have other engine/transmission parts as well).  I am new to this website and own a MK4 Mini Marcos (as well as 3 wooden chassis Marcos 1600 GT's) that I imported from GB and am restoring.  Thank you for reading.  Dave Mensh