The HF gas can

Started by 94touring, November 08, 2021, 01:41:17 PM

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I recently stumbled across a review on YouTube comparing the harbor freight gas can vs a Chinese knockoff vs the original military can.  The guy dropped it from 20 feet, threw it out of a driving car, and ran over it with his truck.  Seems bullet proof. He went into detail about how the welds are superior and the pressing of the metal and lips as original.  Today I was grabbing a few things in HF and saw them marked down from 50 to 40 bucks. So grabbed one.  I did buy a Chinese one years ago and the damn thing crinkled under expansion and contraction with temp variations and created leaks where the metal broke.  I was able to weld it up but don't really trust the thing. If anyone is in the market for a can it's probably the one to get.


Yep they are good ones, have had a few of them for several years. Made by Midwest Can in the USA last I knew and they are basically the closest thing you can get to the actual NATO cans. As far as I know they are the only ones with the proper recessed seam welds that won't leak and also have the rust proof coating on the inside.

At 40 bucks that is a great buy. They sell them places other than harbor freight as well. But thats generally the cheapest place you can find them.