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Started by 94touring, November 13, 2021, 11:16:42 AM

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Like everything else going up in prices, paint supplies are also going from already high to even higher.  The local shop that I've been going to forever also changed management and it's just not the same as far as customer service goes. So figured I'd try something new.  For several years now I've used tcp globals autocolor library for hard to find paint formulas that the local shop was unable to produce.  The tcp global paint, the handful of times I've used a quart as a sample to get the local place to scan to match, seems every bit as good.  Same mix ratio and same coverage.  I usually use that quart on the interior or underside and the local shop for the remainder.  Decided unless I really need to scan something unknown to match I'll just order from tcp from now on.  A quart goes for about $175 but a gallon around $325, which is more affordable than the local shop. Doesn't make any sense to me but usually I'm ordering about a gallon at a time anyways.  The local shop house clear and primer is also getting expensive so branched out and trying U-Pols 20 system.  Seems to get good reviews and I believe it's something used in the European market.  The one benefit with the primer system is it can be mixed and reduced to either be a filler, standard, or sealer primer.  Before I had to buy 3 different products with different activators.  The U-Pols clear and primer use the same hardener.  Was time to place an order on materials so went all in on this U-Pol stuff.  Have a few paint jobs on deck over the next few months so I'll get to put this stuff to the test.


I use some u pol stuff the raptor bed liner is awesome and tintable.  The flyweight gold body filler is amazing. You will like the primer I haven't used the clear I'm interested in what you think. If its anything like the products I have used it'll be great.



Sprayed the primer yesterday for the first time, as a sealer and filler.  My only complaint is the hardener and reducer cans could use a spout to pour.  I might transfer them to a standard paint can.


Lol well upon further investigation there is a built in spout. I just didn't pull it up and out of the can.  I was thinking Jesus who designed this can!  I just needed to be smarter than the spout.


Put this primer, clear, and autocolor library/restoration shop paint to work.  Everything went as it should and the clear layed out nicely.


Is that going to be the Speedwell Blue car?

Looks terrific!   77.gif
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Yeah this one will be Speedwell blue.  Should have the rest of the color on soon.



Quote from: cstudep on December 15, 2021, 05:07:51 PM
Nice, looks good!

Whoever sandblasted his roof warped it all to hell.  It was the most agonizing roof paint job I've ever done in regards to prep. 


Oh man I can only imagine, that is a very large space that would be very easy to ruin with a sand blaster.