Sound deadening

Started by bneer, November 08, 2021, 01:00:35 PM

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Thought I would get advice/opinions on this topic. I see the felt options but wondered about adhesive backed? Seems to be a lot of products available.


You'll just want a square of it on each rear quarter panel and a couple squares on the roof.  Perhaps behind the door panels too if you're inclined.  It will just keep it from drumming like a barrel when driving.  Adhesive backed which should be available from minispares next order you place.  Later models used a fabric material glued to the ceiling.


I took mine further as I'm a music guy and will have an amp/sub and a set of 3 way separates.  I got a package of dynamat super light from crutchfield on sale or clearance.  I'm also planning to do the floors and foot boards with a product called membrane from restomodair.  I know it adds some weight but will increase my audio experience significantly.  Only thing I enjoy more than driving is listening to music, at the appropriate level too. 

As far as install with the adhesive stuff, I made a bunch of stencils out of a roll of brown packaging paper.  Then used a razor blade to cut them out and rolled them on with some cheap rollers from Amazon.  Places I couldn't really get with the roller some hand pressure was plenty.  I did clean every where first to help adhesion.  Stuff was very flexible and easy to work with. 
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