Wen 2250 portable generator

Started by 94touring, October 19, 2021, 09:10:58 AM

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Got this little guy for boondock camping due to it's advertised low decibel ratings. Yep it's quiet!  Rated at 53db up close and 44db at 50 feet.  Plan is to also build a little box for it to carry around and serve as even more sound deadening.  1800 watt continuous output rating.


15 amps will run a lot of stuff - everything but maybe an A/C unit.....what do they cost?
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Amazon shows $450, Home depot $525.  Wen had them on sale for $385 including shipping.


And I figure once in a blue moon when we lose power at home it can run a few things.


I have one of the Honda 2200 inverter generators that is super quiet like that. Had it for probably 10+ years now and it always starts up no problem any time I need it.

Those quiet inverter generators are super nice to have, we went without power for 10 days several years back after a nasty ice storm and that thing was a life saver. Not big enough to run lots of stuff at once, but we could cycle between running the fridge, freezers, furnace, etc... and being an inverter model you can directly run electronic stuff like TV's, computers, etc... without worry. They are also pretty decent on fuel consumption, or at least mine is.


I've had it running all morning to break it in to give it an oil change afterwards. Sitting outside the shop with the exhaust pointed under the patio I'm pretty sure highway traffic on the other side of the tree line several hundred yards away is louder.  Can only hear a subtle purr inside the shop with the bay door open. With my music on a normal volume you don't hear it at all.  Only takes 1 gallon of gas and is supposed to run 9.5 hours on a quarter load, 6 hours on half load. I believe it too because one feature is you can shut it down via running the float bowl on the carb empty.  Well with no load it just keeps on running and running and running. Finally had to kick it on high and it still took awhile. 

My goal with it is I booked time in yellowstone next summer and inside the park they don't have electricity, but allow generators under 60db at 50 feet.  They allow them from 8am to 8pm.  I'll have a lithium 200AH deep cell on hand that will need charged occasionally.  The generator will power things during the day like my electric kettle, toaster, space heaters/electric blankets if needed, and run lights and chargers.  Keeping the deep cell charged being the main focus to have power at night.  The electric kettle has been pretty handy for not just making tea or having hot water for my coffee press but also having boiling water for doing dishes.  I have propane and a stove as well but it's a much faster process with the kettle. 


nice, we have been attempting to get to Yellowstone for several years now but it has just never materialized.

We also use an electric kettle while camping for just about everything that requires hot water. It works a treat and heats up water super fast. Much more efficient that just about any other method, so long as you have a power source to make it happen. We also discovered that a small toaster oven was super handy as you can make all sorts of things in one, biscuits, mini pizzas, toast, etc... We always pre measure out dry ingredients for things like biscuits, pancakes, and the like into their own individual zip lock bags at home, then once camping all you have to do is toss in eggs, or milk or whatever is needed right into the bag, knead it up good in the bag and you are good to go. Sure made cooking a lot easier and faster, plus clean up was a lot less work with fewer dishes and mess, just toss the zip lock in the trash when done.