Engine Paint Colors

Started by MiniDave, September 29, 2021, 09:12:58 AM

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I'm rebuilding the engine and transmission for my Racing Green Mini, the tranny will be silver to look like the original aluminum but I'm really undecided on engine color. This is an A+ 1275 so it would have been red originally and I could certainly go back with that color but I'm kinda tired of it so I'm trying to decide what might look good in there. I don't want to do black as I like the engine color to show up, but I don't think I want something like orange, purple or pink - I kinda want it to go with the exterior color.....

So, I've considered:

Olde English white

Pontiac metallic blue (Like Stan did on his orange car)

Light metallic green (like on the big Healy or MGC)

Mowog green

Yellow (998 color - but this car would have come with a 998 when new)


Silver or light machine grey (kinda monochromatic with the silver gearbox and clutch housing)

Copper metallic

Gold (meh, maybe too Cadillac-y?)

Ford blue

Got any ideas? What do you guys think would look good?

There also are some wild looking metallics out there that mimic the look of anodized aluminum, but I think that would be difficult to do and make it look the right kind of shiny on a motor.

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As the Mini is dark green I think the BMC Healey green or regular early MOWOG green would compliment it.


The bride thinks copper metallic might look good.....
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I think I would definitely go with a contrasting color of some sort. If you try to get too close to the color of the car, but not quite close enough things can just look off. Especially seems to be the case with shades of green, at least to my eye anyway.

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