Classic Minis United - APRIL 6-9 2022 - Wytheville Va

Started by jedduh01, June 07, 2021, 06:19:06 AM

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Damn!  Having all the bad luck!

Check the torque on the head bolts.  You never know.  I had one leak coolant and it was simply loose.


Good idea. I will torque all up before I take it apart to see if thats it.


Brad said he had to leave early Sat morning, so by the time we got back to the campground it was raining and very cold, so the best I could do for him was hand him a box with a new head set in it......

Our run on Fri started off dry and pretty much stayed that way tho we had some intermittent sprinkles and found lots of water on the roads from previous rains. All in all a good day but a long day, close to 200 miles of twisties!

I took some more vids and I'll look at them tonight to see if anything is watchable

Don and I left today for Hendersonville, tomorrow he'll head for the Dragon, then home....I'll stay a few more days to visit with family and then begin the trek home too.

During our drive down here we hit a LOT of snow squalls....tomorrow it's supposed to be sunny and warmer.

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Great event as always good to see old and new faces, we drove straight through but took longer 13.5 hours due to 3 sets of accidents on I95 coming South.


Was a fun event / Simple / Same routine .. YeS the same roads but good to know .  Great to see Dave + Brad in person once again.. Reading a Moke Book brad loaned me now.
  I have not done the 3rd day before with 'back of the dragon)  400+ turns in 15 Miles= VERY spiritied.

I had a chap ride with me passenger 3rd day  . Because his car broke /// Wont mention it was a Vtec car .. and he broke it by NOT PUTTING OIL IN THE HONDA TRANSMISSION!    in all he was in good spirits regardless of the known damage / Gear welding...
  He rode and once we got to the twisties... he got an upset belly - Put your phone down bud!..   Well he stayed passenger and was Green all day but he DID NoT QUIT!    Spirited group was VERY spirited.    2 Turbo Mini;s leading the way... with Sooper Cooper right in tow.. My 1275 + Kenneth keeping in fun pace.

Kenneth from TX. Road tripped 28 hrs straight  to Wytheville 75 - 80MPH = 7600 RPM the whole way... drove / BEAT on the car all 3 days.  Left Wytheville for Silver spring MD + DC...for 2 days..  Cary NC for 2 days... Just today Wednesday... Stopped in Charlotte ( gave it an oil change, at Coles's garage.. and rolled out this afternoon... Headed NOW 2 hrs back up to the mtns of NC..( Grandfather MTN)... to then Head to Nashville to stay with another mini friend... Then end his journey Fridayish... in Dallas... YES NUTS.


Looks like an awesome event.  Someone posted on instagram about CMU 64 being in October next year, so maybe I will be able to make it if I start planning now!


They do their events 18 months apart, spring and's always a good time, good people and no BS, no oversized egos (except Mikes!  ;D ) and no issues.....everyone is there to have a good time and do lots of driving.

The roads are fantastic, real Mini roads, lots of twisties and elevation changes.

I've done several and always have a good time - tho this year I left a day early - partly due to the weather and partly so I could spend weekend time with kids/grands, who have school/work starting Monday.

It is a long haul to get there, but for many that's part of the fun. I can't do what Kenny did - driving 13 hours straight at 5K RPM in a noisy Mini - so I always stop about halfway for the night.

Many people have motor homes and stay at the KOA, I'm not much for camping so I stay at the event hotel. I get a good nights rest and a hot shower in the am, plus a good hot breakfast to start the day - works for me. If I had a motorhome, that's how I would roll tho.....

I just went thru all of my video from the event and while some of it is certainly OK, most of it is pretty miserable to watch - some kind of harmonic between my car at certain speeds makes the video waver back and forth - it's very weird to watch.
Complete failure at retirement

1989 Cooper Racing Green
2009 Clubman S
2014 Audi Allroad

Jimini II

It amazed me that the Vtec Mini gearbox did 400 miles with no oil before it locked up.
We were there for a week and logged 900 miles in the Moke, the master cylinder failed on the last day coming down the back of the dragon but 3rd and sometimes 2nd gear were my friend.
Other than that a slight heater core leak was my only other issue.
I personally like the October warmer events as the landscape with the leaves changing colour looks much better than the barren landscape we see in April, although this one seemed a lot colder than normal.