Aluminum Radiator Care

Started by carockwell, January 27, 2021, 09:44:06 AM

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Learned a few things through the years about aluminum radiators we now fit to our Mini's:

1. Aluminum is more efficient than copper when transferring heat when there is plenty of airflow through the radiator. Copper is more efficient when airflow is limited.
2. Aluminum radiators cannot effectively be rodded or cleaned out through chemical means like copper radiators. If your aluminum radiator gets clogged, corroded, or leaks, then you need a new radiator or at least a new radiator core.
3. Once an aluminum radiator has been used, it will corrode if stored empty. This means that if you drain your cooling system and let your radiator sit empty for two years you may as well throw it away. You can store an aluminum radiator long term if you fill it with pure coolant (no water) while you store it. If you have stored your radiator dry and you want to use it, be very careful to check for leaks, you are probably going to have some develop within a few heat cycles.


Good info.  Thanks for sharing.
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