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Started by 94touring, December 13, 2020, 03:02:14 PM

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Just a quick plug for a guy who asked if I knew anyone interested in buying his D series mini.  I did the paint and body on it ages ago.  The roof is painted on.  Sounds like mid 20s takes it.


Looks nice, I really like the custom fuel tank.

how many miles has he done on the Vtec since the conversion?

Is he running 10's, 12's or 13's?

Custom final drive you said? What ratio?
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Barely drives it but estimated 50k on the engine. 

10 inch wheels with 3.250 final drive.  The initial stock final drive was way too short with 10s he said. 


Thanks Dan.  This is my car, I've owned it 12 or 13 years.  I bought the car and it didn't have much rust on it but had Dan paint it, I don't remember what year but maybe 10 years ago.  The paint has held up nicely, the roof is awesome and everyone loves it.  It uses the Minitec subframe, I bought a JDM engine and transmission for it and have had no problems at all except the transmission that came with it had a final drive over 4 and it was really high strung. It wasn't really driveable on the highway so last year I swapped in another stock Honda transmission with the tall 3.2 final drive and it's on the money with this car and the 10" wheels.  You can now effortlessly go 70+ on the highway, no trouble at all.  The tank that came with the car was rusty and I had a local welder make the fuel cell you see in the pic.  I estimate it to be about 7.5 gallon.  The fuel pump is also internal inside the tank so pretty quiet.  The body is wired with a universal GM hot rod harness and for the engine it uses a Rywire Honda harness.  Autometer gauges, LED taillights, integrated 3rd brake light that flashes, all new interior, Wilwood pedals, etc.

This is my first Mini but I just bought another from Dan so ready to sell and start a new VTEC build.  I've probably only put 500 miles on the car, primarily because of other ongoing projects, job, family but there are no known issues...only ones I can think of:  The ignition switch sometimes sticks and won't spring back, I have a little bit of rubbing on the front right wheel but will take care of that this week, and I must admit I installed the wiper motor backwards and it's not wired.  Put on some Rain-X and you'll be fine. Drives great, starts up immediately and no strange noises other than the typical rattles.  I have a few little things to clean up on it and noticed a tiny dent on the side I'm going to have taken out by paintless dent repair.  Otherwise, need a couple weeks to be available.  If you're interested, let me know.  Price is $26,000.  Jeff

JDM D15B VTEC engine
5-speed, 3.2 Final Drive
Wilwood pedals
10" wheels, Yokohama tires  Front disc, rear drum, remote servo
Autometer gauges
Custom fabricated aluminum fuel cell - 7.5 gallon
All original interior, re-upholstered


Soon to have a new shifter too. I broke the other driving it!


Is this car still up for sale?


I believe so, let me text him and I have your contact info I'll pass along.