MegaSquirt/MicroSquirt Project

Started by tmsmini, August 19, 2020, 08:22:09 PM

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I thought I has posted this here before.
Originally when I started looking at EFI for the Mini I was just planning to duplicate the Rover MEMS 2J setup, but use an alternative ECU.
Most of the work had been done as the megasquirt code had been modified to allow the implementation for the siamese ports.

There were a few things that needed sourcing as the Megasquirt coil drivers would not drive the MEMS 2J Rover coil. I found a replacement for that.

The biggest issue was a compatible idle air controller valve as again there was a mismatch.
I sourced a couple of alternatives, but never got far enough along to see if either worked. Moss has a valve they use in their Cobalt EFI system for the B and it looks like the one out of a Volvo that I found.

The picture is the parts that I have for the system and now I have an engine to try it out on. Some major things to sort out, like electrical and a harness and a fuel system.


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Yes the basic of the Rover MPi system.
The ECU is a Microsquirt based unit with a version of MS2
The two alternative IACV are there and the alternative coil from a VW.

Alot of work to be done with creating a loom for it all.