13" Steel Wheels?

Started by MiniDave, July 31, 2020, 08:19:46 AM

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Jimini II

Quote from: MiniDave on July 31, 2020, 12:14:32 PM
Quote from: MPlayle on July 31, 2020, 11:42:29 AM
Even with 12" wheels, you have to be mindful of the diameter.

The "cheaply available" 12" tires are 155/80/12 sized and that results in a 21.76" diameter.  This should not be a problem for the fronts, but may still have a rubbing issue for the rears.

So, a small spacer or a set of Cooper S drums should take care of that, right?

80 series 12 inch wheels rub on the inner fender/wheel well on turns. The rears need the radius arm brackets shaving to clear.
Aussie Mokes ran 13 inch Steelies although ugly with no vent holes and only 4 inches wide.
I ran GKN Cosworth Vega 13 x 6 with 185 60's on my Aussie Moke but on a Mini with shorter radius arms you would need to use a 175 50 series tire.


That reminds me when I bought my current mini the previous owner had 12s with oversized tires and it rubbed like no one's business.

Jimini II

I forgot I used a set of Northern Tool trailer wheels on a Moke too, they were only 4 inches wide I believe I used 165's on them.
They sell two types with either round holes or the regular triangular holed ones.


I thought I had several 13" steel wheels but it turns out they are nearly all 10". I do have 2 13" wheels that came on a Austin American front sub frame. I thought they were the same hole pattern but apparently not, the American wheels are just under 4.25" hole to hole across the center of the wheel. Here is a pic of the 13" next to the 10" on my car, sure looks huge! Tire says it is a 145-13 / 5.95-13 not sure if that even exists any more it looks to be a pretty old tire.


I think the AA hubs are the same as a Mini's.  Measure along adjacent holes of a square pattern (like measuring the side of a square).  It should be 4" to match the Mini.  Since you also have 10" Mini wheels, make the same measurements on them to compare against.


I tried to mount the wheel on a junk rear sub frame I have from a mini and it would not mount up. Maybe the front sub frame I have is not from an American. That is what I was told it was from but I really don't know. Pretty sure it has hydro parts like the minis did, whatever it is.

I will have to do some more investigating I guess.


The tire will be too tall for fitting a Mini rear subframe.  The tire will hit the swing arm mount.

A web check indicates they are supposed to be the same 4 x 4" pattern.


It never got close enough to mounting to determine interference because it would not line up with the lugs. The mystery sub frame is on my scrap metal pile and the old mini rear sub frame is sitting on my shop floor waiting to be transported there. I had the wheels off because I thought they were the same as some other extras I had, but never looked close enough at them to know they didn't until I saw this discussion which piqued my curiosity.

Whatever this mystery sub frame/wheels came off of, it is definitely not the same bolt pattern as the mini. It's about a 4x4-3/16 pattern.

It was given to me along with a whole bunch of mini parts, the guy said it was from an American, I hadn't the slightest idea so I took his word for it. A 1275 motor with auto transmission supposedly came off this sub frame and the layout of the front suspension parts looked very similar to the mini's. Also pretty sure it has hydrolastic suspension parts. I'd have to look at it to see, just going of memory here.


with a stock rear subframe/arm setup, you dont have alot of room for a bigger tire size,

i have a 165/50/13 on my car, but i have a aftermarket beam set up and i cut my arms and made them 4.5 inches wider, so my tires do sit outside of the body with my super wide flares (6.5 inches per side in the rear) that i put on my car
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