I need short side pot joint axle please

Started by CooperTune, May 22, 2020, 05:44:48 AM

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As stated can trade early axles or cash. Steve (CTR)


I guess it has been close to a year since I visited here. Looks like this one was read 272 times and no axle. Due to a number of factors I'm reducing my shop size from 5500 sq ft to 3300. This will mean I have to get rid of a number of projects I can no longer store. I'd really like to see something good happen to the 1972 Inno 1001 Cooper project. It was started as a V tech and the front end was removed and lost. Also the front sub frame and 998 Cooper power unit were sold. It dies not have a current title but I was able to retrieve the Inner wing with the vin stamped into it. I have located a correct 998 Cooper power unit needing a rebuild but correct. I have the 5 clock dash the interior glass, Inno boot lid. If interested contact me I need the room. I'll be making a couple of trips north and south along east coast. I also have a large collection of classic mini parts. Large stash of dated glass, I have at least 8 trannys I plan to rebuild and many late 998 cyl heads and some 940 castings. In talks with the machine shop about sleeving all my 1275 blocks at 73mm and above.  I have a first generation Swift rolling start dog box gear set for rod change with forks. If there is something you are looking for contact me with your list. Steve (CTR)