MINI DIY Supercharged w/Holley Sniper EFI

Started by tmsmini, April 24, 2020, 09:53:22 AM

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Quote from: tmsmini on July 29, 2022, 03:06:35 PM
Another option

Ok so I bought one!  There's some other less expensive ecu's that are an option.  Will post up details later.  Having him send a turbo and NA flange for it.


Alright another into the fray...
I was going to say I have an SC 50 mm TB, if anyone wants to experiment. It has been used, but in good shape.
I should make a list of ECUs as there are many more to choose from:



Microsquirt from what I've been reading might be the way I go. It's simple, cost a few hundred bucks, and I can just retain my current ignition setup. 


There is also tremendous support for Mega/Microsquirt on the forums and many independent vendors support their own iterations of the ECU.

That was the direction I was heading until someone told me the SC unit was a complete system and "bolt-on."
I still have a Microsquirt that I still plan to install on a test engine, but it has been a few years and I am not sure which version it is now.
Time to get a move on!


I downloaded the hardware manual and another manual on the tuner studio software. About 355 pages to go through. Although most of it I won't be using.