FS: Early Canadian Cooper 998 - Fully Rebuilt

Started by SomethingNew71, November 09, 2019, 07:46:22 AM

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Listing Link - https://www.ebay.com/itm/333389009631

I am very pleased to announce the listing of a very rare Early 998cc engine produced originally for the Mini Cooper in the 60's.

The Story:
This engine was found here in Charlotte, NC outside a friend's garage rusting and collecting dust. I decided to pick it up and do a full nut and bolt restoration so someone seeking an early engine like this, might be able to bolt it up and give it a second life. The entire restoration process was documented on my YouTube channel Classic Mini DIY.

The YouTube Playlist:

Included in the Auction:
Early 998 Engine block
Bored to +20 due to cylinder damage
New flat-top pistons
New bearings throughout
Polished crankshaft
New oil pump
New timing chain and gears
New lifters
New gaskets throughout
Original style Oil filter housing
Restamp of original engine plate (not pictured) will be installed prior to delivery
Original engine stamp will be included in sale
Original Cylinder Head
Original Double Valve Springs
New intake and exhaust valves
New unleaded seats
Slight surfacing of the head for maximum head gasket sealing
Standard Thermostat
Period specific 4 syncro remote gearbox (original 3-syncro was beyond repair but original case will be included)
Fully rebuilt
New Baulk rings
Rebuilt syncros
NOS gearset
New Genuine Roller bearings
Rebuilt Differential
3.44 Final Drive
CV Style output shaft conversion
New gaskets throughout
Items Not Included In Auction:
Starter Motor
Oil Return Line (was damaged and unusable)
Carburetors (none were present in original purchase)
Intake Manifold
Exhaust Manifold
Radiator Supports