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Started by MPlayle, April 30, 2019, 12:38:40 PM

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2016 Kendon Folding Smart Car trailer.  Low usage.  Asking $3500.

Link to manufacturer's site for the trailer:

Contact me directly or through the forum's messaging:
mplayle13 -at- gmail -dot- com

Some of you will remember the trailer from the RM 10th Anniversary BBQ. 

I will soon be putting the Moke up for sale - found something special (still Mini based) as a replacement. 

As the replacement will not fit the Kendon folding trailer (a tad too long for the trailer), I need to sell the Kendon trailer to cover getting a slightly longer trailer.

Below is a picture of the Moke on the trailer.  Saloons will fit just fine.


Putting it on BAT?  What's next on the list?


I can't see why any Mini wouldn't fit on there?
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Not yet sure if the Moke will go on BAT.


A Mini Pickup should just fit on the trailer.  I won't be able to make Snowmass in June myself as my nephew is getting married the end of June.  I could do a relay of it to somewhere in north Texas prior to June if someone were to take it the rest of the way.  I may also consider a further "road trip" to deliver it prior to June - I have a flexible work schedule.

As for playing "20 questions", ... ask away.


No.  Not one of the "Wild Goose" campers.



No.  Not one of the dune buggies either.


Did not say it is LWB so must have some extra front overhang that would prevent it from going far enough forward on the trailer. Like a Jem or Marcos.


I have to give the win to Brad (Willie_B).

It is actually a LWB Mini based item and does have the extra front overhang as it is a MK-4 Mini Marcos.

The MK-1 through MK-3 Mini Marcos used a custom floorpan based on the standard Mini wheelbase and with the front overhang were 136" long.  (A standard LWB Mini is just over 132" long.)  The MK-4 used a floorpan molded on the LWB floorpan and was about 4" longer than the earlier ones at about 140" total length.  Thus too long for the Kendon trailer.

Jimini II

I have always liked the look of the Mini Marcos but they just seem like you could not get enough airflow in them to keep from boiling over (me not the car) in a Florida Summer.
What are your thoughts on that in a Texas Summer which is just as brutal if not worse sometimes Michael?


The MK-4 has a form of roll-down door windows.  It should be no worse than a Saloon.

I'm willing to endure it.

Jimini II

Ahhhh i didn't know they ever came with a roll down window option then that's no problem.


Bringing the thread back on topic - selling the trailer.

It will come with both the factory ramps and the longer, folding ramps I got separately for better rise clearance.

I am willing to deliver over the Memorial Day weekend (end of May time frame) at a range of up to about 900 miles from San Antonio, Texas for an extra $500.

Basically up into Colorado front range, upper Kansas, etc.


Bump to the top. 

The trailer is still available.  Still asking $3500 (OBO) for the trailer and willing to consider delivery for an extra fee (up to $500 depending on distance).



Price change for forum members: now asking $3000 for the trailer. 

Delivery possible for an additional $500 (up to 1000 miles from San Antonio max).

The full factory specs are listed in the craigslist ad referenced in the previous post.


Found a way to keep the trailer and make the Marcos fit.

My best friend and I decided to try an experiment with the trailer to get the Marcos to fit.

We made some wood "risers" at the front to raise the nose of the Marcos high enough to clear the front rail of the trailer.  an initial test with just a 2' section of 1"x10" board showed the idea would work.

The final result is 3 layers slightly staggered of the 1"x10" board with the trailing edges angle cut to better permit the front wheels to ramp up onto the risers.  We also put a stop block of 2"x2" at the very front.

The Marcos (and any other Mini) will now fit the trailer fine, so I'm keeping it and putting it back into Mini towing service.


Cool!  Now you won't have to take a loss on it and you still have a useful trailer.  Are you going to drive up to Austin for the car show or use the trailer?
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I am likely to trailer it to the Round Rock show.  I haven't had it out enough to feel confident in driving it to the show and back yet.

I also need to check the brakes.  I was getting some squeal from the fronts during medium braking in the heat yesterday (Friday) on the way home from my friend's where we were test fitting the Marcos on the trailer.

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