Himley Hall 2019

Started by Vikram, May 12, 2019, 04:40:01 AM

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I went to Himley Hall today, here are some pictures.

Some nice early mk1s for the concourse section, a nice innocenti, an ERA turbo, an interesting turbo clubman, and the vetechbusa company who I had a long chat with. They have a very nice and well engineered kit but also very expensive.

I'm not the best with pictures, sorry!


Am I the only one who can't view the photos?  They seem to be enormous in size and never finish downloading. 

I was at Himley Hall for the show last year and loved it. I noticed very few Mk. I and Mk. II cars there.
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Yeah, they don't open for me either, and I'm on Googles fiber at 1 gig download speed!

Vikram, I think you need to resize those pics, I use 600X800 just FYI.

The forum will resize them for you, but I found if you're uploading more than one it times out.
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If they were just a little bit bigger   ;D


Ugh this stupid phone camera. I get that technology is always improving but I really don't need a SLR attached to my phone!

Sorry, round 2.

P. S you won't find a worse picture of the busa engine on the Internet  50.gif

Edit: I give up on the last one!



Edit: slowly losing my mind


OK, first pic - Nice Inno! The white car, are those lights in the grill? Nice turbo setup on the Clubman. The green car is an ERA turbo?
Complete failure at retirement

1989 Cooper Racing Green
2009 Clubman S
2014 Audi Allroad

Jimini II

Himley Hall is a great Mini show as long as it doesn't rain as it gets very muddy like most British car shows, but it looks like you had great weather.

Dave, the white car maybe those are horns in front of the grille and yes the green car looks like a factory ERA Turbo.

Good selection as always.