Friend looking for Mk1 shell for race car.

Started by sxsman, December 01, 2018, 10:03:26 AM

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Friend in Canada is looking for a Mk1 shell to transform into a race car. Believe he's looking for a roller but would consider a plain shell.  Interior/engine aren't important.

What's out there ?


Let your friend know that I have a friend who has a Mk1 Mini ex-vintage racer shell that he would be willing to sell. Currently it seems to be not much more than a shell (maybe with subframes attached), and no cage or power unit in place. I'm sure it can either be sold as-is or pieced back together by the seller to any configuration necessary. It's located in southeastern Virginia. If interested, I can put you in touch.


My son has a MKI racecar (autocross car) that could be for sale as a roller.  It's built from a 59/60 type shell, which is the lighter weight shell to begin with.  It has a fuel cell and has been stripped out and lightened even further than when it was stock.  It has a completely removable front clip, which is all metal.  You can either remove the bonnet by itself, or remove the front fenders and nose panel as a complete unit which is czeus fastened in place, and is very solidly mounted.  Please email me if your friend is interested.  Currently painted in Mr Bean livery.