3 gauge cluster measurements

Started by MtyMous, September 23, 2018, 03:14:15 PM

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Hey guys. Killing time and distracting myself by trying to buy my gauges online this weekend. Hoping someone knows (or can measure) what size the standard 80's+ 3 gauge cluster gauge sizes are. I'm looking for the mounting hole diameter, the face diameter, and the outer diameter of of the bezel.

Bonus points if you have one of the pictured dashes and can get me the diameter of the opening, the outer diameter of the bezel rings, and the distance between the O.D. of the bezels between the gauges.

It would help me a ton! Thanks dudes.


I have one, the holes are approx. 3" at the base, but are slightly oblong as they go out (towards the driver) and are 3 1/4 X 3 1/2....this is the std gauge cluster from my 89 Racing Green

Mine is slightly different than your pic.....those holes are for 80MM instruments (3") and the bezels should be about 3 1/2". The pic looks like the bezels are practically touching.
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Thanks Dave. Those look like my gauges out of my 89, but my factory bezel is different. I'll post up what I have when I get home.

The dash I posted appears to be very close together, but the gauges are a standard, connected 3 gauge setup. I'll take some measurements when i get home.

Thanks again