What did you do in your shop today?

Started by MiniDave, September 23, 2018, 11:30:15 AM

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The Tundra brakes started to get an annoying wobble so did a brake job.  Not too long after I bought it used 7 or so years ago the front disc did the same thing.  Must be an old Tundra thing.  Trying vented crossed drilled this time, maybe it will help with heat warpage.  Plenty of pad left on the old ones too. 


Today was run out to the shop and put a new 200amp alternator in the rx7. I've been getting no charge on startup and sometimes an over voltage on my handheld tuner along with the battery warning light on the dash.  It was once in awhile but lately every start having these issues. Didn't take too long to swap it in, and voila everything seems to be working.  I've let it cool down and made a couple starts throughout the day and she's working.  One thing about this 200amp is that there's no voltage drop.  I can have everything on, running both power windows at the same time, and it's steady at 14.3 volts on the handheld.


I actually completed the work yesterday, but forgot to post last night.

I did so significant service work on my Jeep Wrangler:
- Replaced the cabin air filter
- Replaced the engine air filter
- Oil & filter change on the engine
- Changed the oil in both differentials
- Changed the manual transmission oil
- Changed the tranfer case fluid

Lots of crawling under the car.



The rear differential and the transmission were a bit overdue.  The front differential and the transfer case weren't in bad shape - due only because of age, not usage.

I used Redline products (thanks for the recommendation, Bruce) and so will not likely have to address them again while I own the Jeep.


Did the rear brakes on the wife's BMW and oil change today.  The wear sensor on the one side didn't wear down fast enough and the opposing pad ate right through into the backing plate.  So, got to replace a little extra on that side.


Finished making a new filler neck cover for on the inside of the Mini Van and adjusted/tightened one of the hinges on the driver's side (left) door to stop it drooping and hitting the b-post.


Not so much my shop, but buddies garage.  He was getting a door ajar message and needed help figuring it out. Turns out he had some wires that over time broke from the door opening, closing, and flexing the harness till they snapped.  Pretty easy fix.  Drove the vespa there and wowza, after driving it in the mountains with Jen on the back, it felt like a rocket ship driving it here again. 


Cleaned and took car pictures to send in to the new car insurance.


Finished yet another Sprite straight cut gearbox, trying to get out of this business once and for all, but I am committed to one more sometime this winter.

The money is nice but sheesh I've done a LOT of these!

Parts and shipping have gone up a bunch too.....

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