Mini Meet East Meets West June 24-27, 2019

Started by MiniDave, July 02, 2018, 07:56:12 AM

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Cracked gearbox case where the diff bolts on is what I had heard, but Dave probably has more info & detail.

Days before, he was flagged down and turned around at the 13 mile mark by the National Park Service cops on his way up to the top of Pikes Peak. They indicated that a tour shuttle driver, whom he had passed on the way up the hill, had called ahead to alert the authorities and had him cited for "terrorizing" the place.

Jimini II

Yes it does fly and he uses every bit of the power.
I sold him the head and a supercharger which were removed from a factory convertible Mini that the shop it was it could not get to run right so the owner went back to a straight HIF 44 carb set up.
After rebuilding the supercharger i believe he had some issues with it and ended up using a BINI s/c instead.