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Started by tmsmini, March 18, 2018, 10:08:23 AM

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Injecting the Mini is not a new endeavor. I first read about it in Browning's book,  The Works Minis and Moylan's Anatomy of the Works Minis also has some information. I am guessing it is about the fifty year mark for the development of injection for the Mini. I am guessing that with the development of the Weslake eight-port head around 1967, Abingdon started looking at the possibilities of injection. With injection starting in the mid-fifties for Mercedes, Corvette and others, the limitations of the A-series five port head probably delayed the deployment of injection until the 8-port head came along. I am not sure what or when the first BMC car started to use injection.

I have no references to back this up, it is conjecture on my part.

The issue with five-port injection is presented here by Marcel Chichak

With the development of electronic injection and the start of independent companies producing ECUs and other components to inject a variety of engines, the possibilities for Mini injection have grown. The further development of 7-port and 8-port heads for the A-series has also increased the options. With Rover providing injected production engines for the 5-port for about last ten years of Mini production, the interest in the injected A-series has grown.

The best source for A-series injection information is TurboMinis:

The amount of information in this site is overwhelming. Members of that forum contributed to the development of the "Megasquirt Siamese Code" that provided for the better adaptation of the Megasquirt family of ECUs to the A-series. TurboDave, a member of this forum, contributed to the reverse engineering of the Rover injection systems and recently posted a thread in Restoration Mini with information on the development of his cars.

I am hoping people will contribute information about their experiences with different systems and how they overcame some of the installation issues and issues they discovered with running an injection system. Again the best source for this information is TurboMinis and actually a lot of good basic A-series information as well.

Information for the Rover injected engines can be found on The Mini Forum:

If I have anything incorrect, please correct me and add more information.
I will be adding a thread on my use of the Specialist Components systems in the near future. I have two almost identical cars, one running distributorless ignition with an HIF 44 and the other the SC MPi system with some modifications to adapt it to a Traveller.