Diy alignments

Started by 94touring, March 06, 2018, 07:06:34 AM

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John Gervais

The classic Dunlop (AGO35) alignment gauge.  I bought it online, but because the seller wouldn't ship it to Denmark, I had it delivered to his mate's garage.  Keith picked it up from there and is sending it to me.
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I was going to guess the guts out of a classic pacman arcade.


The problem I have with trying to do home alignments is that my garage floor is neither flat nor level.
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Played around with my alignment tools today.  First time messing with adjustable lower arms.  Went very well, aside from a lot of fine tweeking to get it where I wanted. I have a better feel for how much adjustment effects camber now however.  One thing to take into consideration when doing toe or camber is to move the car and turn the wheel left and right so the suspension settles into place.  I still need to set caster and rear camber.  I figured I'd check rear toe to see how accurate aftermarket subframes are, and it was right at 1/16 toe in as it should be. 


This is the kit that i got 2 months ago but I haven't used it yet, I'm getting close to the point of being able to use it on the mini
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