Anybody see the floor for sale on MM?

Started by 94touring, September 19, 2009, 03:51:25 PM

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300 bucks for a whole floor section brand new in the for sale section. 


Probably a decent price.  Mini Spares sells it for $217 US and you have to call for shipping quote.  My guess would be another $200.00 for shipping because of the size. M-Machine get a little over $800.00 but they include the rear sub frame mount already welded in.


Yeah after you figure in shipping from the UK for something that size, probably not a half bad deal.  Especially if someone is close by to pickup in person. 


Here you go John:

When you grab that title get this floor and you're set.   ;)


yeh that and shell.  Besides I like a floor pan that looks like an X-ray picture  (not to mention the fear of getting in the car and having both feet on the ground one inside the car and the other one outside the car).  LOL