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Started by Dmulder, April 02, 2017, 04:34:28 PM

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Hey guys and gals. Mini of Grand Rapids and Mini USA are putting this event on again in 2017. I went in 2015 and had a good time. No curvy roads - however there are plenty to be had after the event.
I was one of 5 or 7 classics at the event. Would love to have some of you attend and help the attempt to break the record of minis in a parade.
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I'm guessing by the lack of comments that there may be little to no interest in this event.  I will be going.  In 2015 I took my middle son Cooper.  It was our first event in our mini.  We had a blast and are looking forward to taking the whole family this year.  That would be my wife, my oldest boy Ford, the middle boy and his dog Porsche, our youngest son Tucker, and our oldest dog Zoe.  We are a car family - can you tell?
The last time we went there were about 7 classics 2 pick up, 1 of the more square front end minis, and the rest all classics 1 was even a v-tech.  A bonus is that after the event you can take a waterfall tour of the UP.  Maybe check Michigan's Superior coast line (Pictured Rocks, tahquamenon falls, white fish point, the wreck of the edmund fitzgerald, etc...)  On the way back south you could hit the Lake Michigan coast line (Sleeping Bear Dunes, Grand Traverse County, Tunnel of Trees - this is a blast especially in the fall, breweries, wineries, good food, Petoskey, etc...)

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I was planning to do the MME in July, that plus the Texas event will probably do it for me for this year, but if I don't do MME I might come up for this...I have friends in the area too that I'd like to see again.

I haven't seen the same publicity for this year's event that I did for the one in 2015, they really need to get behind this event if they're going to get the turnout they want.....
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For me, it would depend on quite a few factors: 1) Is the Moke ready (flat tow behind the 2016 Clubman)? 2) What is my work situation (still contracting or have I found a new job)? 3) What is my financial situation (relates to #2)? 4) Can I afford the time away?  5) What do I do with the dog (she will be 13 years old has not traveled in years, do I kennel her for the duration or try taking her along)?

I'm still sorting out adjustments from my mom passing away last month.

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