front end panel issues

Started by Dave Gilbert, August 31, 2016, 12:18:02 PM

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Dave Gilbert

i am rather deep into my 1976 leyland mini  restoration  but having issues,  i have replaced the scuttle and door hinge mounts and all the bits what the door hangs off.

now i am using cheap pattern panels ( i know i shouldnt but budgets have made me) 

also replaced the front half of both inner wings.   

i have the subframe fitted and front panel bolted up aswell ( not pictured)

now my issues.      i can line the passenger door and A panel well and i can line the front panel,wings and bonnet up quite well but i cant line them all up together, im about 10mm out between the wing and A panels.   i can pull the wing down to the A panel but then i end up with a massive gap between the wings and bonnet.  so far i cant win.

any help?     or info?    i could really do with a helpful hand to come and point me in the right direction ( i would pay)  i have loads of pics but not sure how to upload more than 1 pic

Dave Gilbert

pic of how it lines up when pulled down to the inner wing


A trick i use is drill a small hole from the wing lip that goes into thr inner wing lip, then take a long metal screw and sinch up the wing to the inner panel/bonnet.  Do this in a few areas along the gap all at once and then fit adjacent panels, screwing it all together till you're happy enough to spot weld.


Also occasionally you will need to shave wing lip if it butts up against the inner wing lip. 

Dave Gilbert

anypics of that?    just so im 100% sure what u mean.  i think i get u but id like to be sure before drilling more holes lol


Here's the best I can do for now lol


If it was a bar napkin I would have been impressed. Chipotle? Not so much.

But good effort sir.   ;D
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Dave Gilbert

thats what i thought u ment.    a couple down the edge to spread the load?      i will give it a bash and let u know     



I usually do one at the top near the scuttle and then one by the brace coming off the bulkhead to the inner wing.