1971 Austin Mini Tires

Started by bahoffe, March 22, 2009, 07:44:49 PM

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Hi Everyone,   Wondering if you know who has the cheapest deals out there.  I just bought a 1971 mini and have been looking around for some deals on tires.  I checked out www.minimotors.com and www.gbcarparts.com  both want about $350 for a set of 4 165 60 R 12.

Also wondering if you know if the Felken tires can be mounted at my local tire company.

Appreciate any advise. 



I don't know of anybody that beat GB carparts prices.

Where do you live? If you fill in a little more info on your profile, maybe somebody in your area can recommend a dealer, because many shops CANNOT cope with 10 inch rims.

Scott T.



GBCars=great prices.

Any REAL tire store can hand mount them for you. If you can't find one of them then try a motorcycle dealer. They mount 10" tires all the time on aluminum rims.   dan


I ended up ordering a set of 13x7 superlights with sportspack arches.  Once I get the fenders cut and the arches on I will add a picture.


Make sure that wherever you get them mounted to check them over well on both sides before leaving. I had a tire shop tear up two of mine and not say anything. I did not find out till several months later when one went flat that a chunk was torn from the backside of the bead. That and another had large bulges in the sidewalls from damage. Ask around for a shop that does autocross of race tires. They usually care more about thier work.


They are coming pre mounted form GBcarparts. Good advise for the future though.