7.5" disc brake question

Started by Willie_B, May 03, 2016, 09:29:02 AM

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Just wondering about the difference between using a servo and no servo?

I have read in several places where it is recommended to fit a servo if going to the 7.5's. I have the Wilwood calipers I got a while back thru MiniDave and just about all I need for a 7.5" Cooper S setup. I like the openness of the engine bay without a servo and would like to stay that way. I am running a Honda Civic vented brake setup at the moment but that REALLY limits what wheels fit over them.


I go simple and remove them.  The car stops just fine imho.


I've done brake "upgrades" from drum to disks using both the 7.5" and the 8.4" setups without servos just fine.

The less clutter in the engine bay also means one less item to possibly fail.

As has been described other places, the servo permits a "softer" pedal feel for the braking pressure applied.  It does not increase the braking performance itself.

Without the servo, it is also easier to tell the feel of the brakes when bleeding and adjusting them.


I'm going from 8.4" to 7.5" and I'm also removing my servo. Unfortunately I don't know what the difference in feel is yet as the car isn't driving, but I can tell you the additional space under the hood is substantial.

I'll post a comparison in performance and feel once I complete the car. If it degrades my ability to stop, I'll put the servo back on. Easy Simple.

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I haven't had 7.5" brakes, but use my 8.4's without a servo.  Just make sure you use the correct rear wheel cylinders and some good pads (maybe dimpled & slotted rotors also) up front.  Personally, I like the EBC Greenstuff pads.
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I REALLY need to verify my rear wheel cylinder size. What size should I be using with 7.5" discs up front?


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